Friday, August 5, 2011

Foot Need Trained with Sports Without shoes

When the sport, shoes can protect feet from sharp objects or dirt on the ground. But if too often wear sports shoes, the effect is not good for the balance of the body because the feet so unstable sustain weight loss.

A podiatrists or health care professional graduates foot New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Emily Splichal said human foot is designed to stand with stable. But in the market, many shoes and footwear that claims to make the foot more stable.

Instead of rewarding, sometimes shoes that are too advanced at the expense of the natural mechanisms that are owned by the human leg to balance himself. Therefore, once the foot should still be used to exercise without wearing pads.

Benefits of exercise without footwear according to Dr. Splichal there are two, namely to maintain muscle strength, especially on the soles of the feet while maintaining flexibility. Both of the strengths of the human foot is increasingly taken over by the technology of sports shoes.

To train the muscle strength and flexibility of your feet, way is to stand barefoot on a piece of cloth or a towel that had not been used. By using the power of fingers and toes, towel or cloth should be folded up sore.

Another possible way to train your foot muscles is to use the marbles. The trick is almost the same, ie, standing up and then use the power of fingers and toes to pick up marbles are left scattered on the floor.

If the strength and flexibility of muscles in the feet awake, then the various features of expensive athletic shoes that cost really is not that required by human feet. If not used, of course, a healthy foot will provide better stability.

"By nature the human foot has a system of shock absorber (shock absorber) itself, just that the system is so lazy because too often aided by shock cushioned shoes," said Dr. Splichal as quoted by FoxNews, Tuesday (08/04/2011).

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