Friday, August 5, 2011

Really Eliminate Yarn Feather with Danger to Your Health?

One technique that is used for plucking the eyebrows using a thread. Really eyebrow plucking techniques by using a thread can be harmful to health?

The use of threads is an alternative to the pluck in the face than waxing and natural retraction. This technique has been used long ago by women in India and the Middle East, namely by using a simple cotton yarn taped to the skin to pull hair or unwanted hair.

But with increasing popularity of this technique, many people who do it without special skills and no attention to cleanliness. This has sparked fears of experts on health and safety of consumers.

"People should practice first and have a license to such techniques for public safety," said Susan Stanford of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, as quoted from Healthland.Time, Wednesday (03/08/2011).

Health problems that can be generated from this technique is the use of threads over and over to some people that trigger the spread of staph infections, other infectious skin diseases as well as bleeding in the skin of the face due to the pinched by a thread.

Meanwhile, dermatologist Amy Derick from Barrington, Illinois said this technique is more gentle on the skin than waxing, but it can still pose health risks.

"Consumers need to realize that there is a risk of this technique, therefore you need to make sure that the yarn used new and clean and the person nmencuci hand first before doing this technique," he said.

It takes about 3-5 minutes for the practitioner to perform the basic steps of safety and hygiene, and regularly clean eyebrow brush, scissors and a chair by using antibacterial.

"Beauty is closely related to hygiene and sterilization procedures. If you want to do it came to the clinic or beauty salon is certified," said Derick.

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