Friday, August 5, 2011

There Overcome Tips / Prevent bad breath during fasting

Hello blogger friend ... there is a glimpse of my info from ya, about tips to overcome or prevent bad breath during fasting ..

Bad breath is a sting when the fasting month is one of the problems often faced by people during fasting. Even bad breath during fasting certainly makes us a little disturbed when hanging out, especially when carrying out thesis seminar campus or meet important people at work. Surely it would not happen is not it! So, I'll give some tips to overcome or prevent bad breath are sting during fasting, ie, you must be selective in the foods, such as the following:

    1. Avoid foods that smell stung, for example, petai, jengkol, and fried foods.
    2. Eat fiber-rich foods, like vegetables and fruits.
    3. Brush your teeth after a meal breaking the fast and before bed. Make sure you have a way of brushing your teeth properly, so that the mouth is always perfectly clean.
    4. Maintain a habit to consume water, try to continue to consume 8 glasses a day, set a good time to break up their consumption since the dawn of time. It aims to maintain water balance in the body.
    5. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol because the effect of exacerbating the status of oral hygiene lead to gingivitis and periodontitis. Alcohol reduces the production of saliva, which will aggravate bad breath.

Thus at a glance info from me, hopefully this info can be useful for you who bear the smell of fresh breath. I say please do not forget maap and unseen, safe pilgrimage fasting!

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