Friday, August 5, 2011

Is it true that shaving the beard Make Every Day The Bold?

There are men who like to lengthen the beard and there is also a need to shave every day because they feel uncomfortable. Many believe that shaving every day could make it more thick. Is this true?

Unfortunately, shaving every day will not affect the thickness. According to the New York Times on Wednesday (08/03/2011), myths about shaving and hair growth has been around since at least 50 years ago.

Since the 1920s, several studies have proven that shaving does not affect hair growth. This study report has been widely successful in eliminating this misconception about shaving.

In fact, shaving has no effect on the thickness of your hair because when shaving only cuts hair at the skin surface. Do not bother to shave the hair follicles, glands under the skin that control hair growth.

Hair growth is controlled by the hair follicle. Because it is located under the skin, hair follicles are not affected at the time of shaving. In contrast, hair follicles are influenced by genetics and hormones, which determines the color, hair texture and roughness.

Then why thick beard after shaving?

Normal hair shaft will taper at the ends. When you shave, you cut hair that tapered end, so that new hair grows after shave will feel thicker because it is no longer cut straight and tapered at the ends.

Because the newly grown beard was so short, the hair will also feel stiff than usual, which can make it appear thicker and look more rough when touched by hand.

In addition, another reason that makes a lot of people who believe this myth is the first time shaving. Most people start shaving first time in adolescence or pre-teen age, when the beard hair is still thinner than adult males.

Some time after routine bercukup male will enter the phase adult hair, making it seem as if shaving has caused his beard grow thicker and rough.

But in reality, however, shaving just happens to coincide with the body begins to produce normal adult hair.

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